The /quotes endpoint allows you to fetch a quote for a charge.

This generates the address that the customer will use to send their payment to

Retrieving a quote

A single quote can be retrieved via /quotes/<quote id>. The request needs to be either authenticated or contain the organization publishable key as the ?organization=<organization pubKey> query parameter:

# Get quote by organization publishable key
GET /quotes/<quote id>?organization=pk_orgpubkey

# Get quote with Authorization needs `Authorization: Bearer <accessToken>` header
GET /quotes/<quote id>

A full quote object looks like this:

  "id": "6e89e436-9e4b-4fbe-af5b-d0724e692466",
  "rate": "0.00014973",
  "amount": "0.007487",
  "index": "907",
  "extraId": null,
  "status": "ACTIVE",
  "address": "3MxUt22azaF6VkoJNFkCUvmadu6MwHB8va",
  "currency": "BTC"

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