Commerce SDK - iOS

Step 1: Obtain your API Key

To get set up with an API Key please email us at with your request.

Step 2: Install using CocoaPods

Add Bidali-iOS-SDK to your Podfile:

pod 'Bidali-iOS-SDK', :git => '', :tag => '0.0.3'

Then run pod install


Default options
BidaliSDKOptions *options = [BidaliSDKOptions optionsWithApiKey:@"YOUR API KEY"];
options.onPaymentRequest = ^(BidaliPaymentRequest *paymentRequest){
  // Prefill your send screen and request authorization to send the transaction

[[BidaliSDK getInstance] show:self options:options];
Pay with Dai only
options.paymentCurrencies = @[@"DAI"];
Prefilling a customers email address

This will pre-populate the users email address and they will be prompted to confirm it in the checkout flow = @"";

A PaymentRequest has the following properties:

Property Type Description
address String The address to send to
amount String The amount of currency to send to address
currency String The symbol of the currency the user has chosen to pay with, ex: BTC
chargeDescription String Description of the order, can be used on your payment approval screen so the user sees what they are approving payment for. Ex: 1 x Gift Card - Amazon $20 CAD
chargeId String The users order reference, helpful to reference the order in the future or if there are any issues. Ex: vIQ807gvR
extraId String The extraId that must be passed for the payment to be credited appropriately to the order. Currently only applicable to XLM, XRP, EOS, XEM, and BNB
extraIdName String The name of the extraId that must be sent with the transaction. Currently only applicable to XLM, XRP, EOS, XEM, and BNB

Note for Stellar Lumens (XLM), XRP, EOS, NEM (XEM), Binance BEP2 (BNB)

Below are the additional fields that will be populated on the BidaliPaymentRequest and MUST be passed with the transaction for it to be successful

Name currency extraIdName
Stellar Lumens XLM Memo text
Binance BEP2 BNB memo
XRP XRP Destination Tag
NEM XEM Message

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