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Payments API documentation

The Bidali API is available at the following URLs:

Both environments provide the following endpoints:

Making requests

Except for /authentication and some requests for /charges and /quotes all requests need to be authenticated.

Querying data

A list of data can for all endpoints (except /authentication) can be requested via /<endpoint>. The $limit (default value: 10, maximum value: 100) and $skip query parameters can be used to navigate multiple entries:

# List all charges (that the user has access to)
GET /charges
# List charges page 3 (with page size of 20)
GET /charges?$skip=40&$limit=20

Getting individual entries

Individual entries can be retrieved using /<endpoint>/<id>:

# Get a specific organization
GET /organization/<organization id>
# Get a specific charge
GET /charges/<charge id>

Creating data

Important: For POST and PATCH requests the Content-Type HTTP header must be set to the body content type. Currently application/json and application/x-www-form-urlencoded are supported. We recommend application/json.

New data can be created using the POST /<endpoint> HTTP method.